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Byon M31W S/S T2410 Notebook

Harga Rp 7.650.000,00


Easily Adapt the Latest Intel® Processor Technology

Common Building Blocks (CBB)
Common Building Blocks (CBB) is a standardization of notebook components that offers a great compatibility, configurability, and upgradeability. Currently, there are 7 (seven) standardized components: LCD, keyboard, battery, power adapter, ODD, hard disk, and CNP (Customizable Notebook Panel). These components are chosen to be standardized because of their limited using period. CBB allows users to find these notebook parts easier with affordable value. BYON offers more efficient solutions and freedom from proprietary in this new notebook era.

The World’s Mobile Alliance
BYON notebook owner is in a good hand. BYON notebooks have a guaranteed quality from the world’s top manufacturers. This will only means that the quality of BYON notebook is no more a question mark. It is a certain assured world quality!

Let the world knows that you have a privilege to be different! BYON let you build your creativity and lifestyle to your notebook. Make every BYON notebook unique and a true masterpiece to its individual owner.

Wireless LAN
Anywhere, anytime, it’s simply connect you to the internet:
Hot Spot internet connection, Wireless VoIP communications and home or office network. BYON notebook provides the best mobility and connectivity.

Built-in 1.3 MP CMOS Camera for Wireless Communication
High resolution 1.3MP CMOS built-in camera makes user easier to perform portable video conferencing, stay connected with family or friends, capture photos and video recording with no wire attached.

SATA Hard Drive
What a great solution is BYON notebook for your digital storage! Dedicated to fulfill users need, high transfer rate of SATA hard drive provides safe and efficient storage. Featured with 150 Mbps transfer rate, SATA HDD offers up to 250 GB storage space.

14.1” Wide Vibrant Visual Display
Featuring 14.1” Wide Vibrant Visual display, BYON offers you an excellent comfort level for your eyes. It presents colorful bright 3D and Cinematic experience.

Smart Battery
M31W series have a feature to delay battery lifecycle. This feature is useful to maintain battery life to live longer.

Power USB
M31W series are featured with 2x Power USB port to charge gadgets using USB connection as its charger port. Charging process can run automatically without entering the operation system.


* LCD: 14.1" Wide Screen
* Processor: Intel® Pentium Dual Core T2410 2.0 GHz / 1 MB L2 Cache / 533
* Memory: 1GB DDR2/667 (2 x Slots SODIMM up to 2 GB)
* HDD: 160GB/5400 rpm S.ATA
* Chipset: M672 + 968
* Graphic: Mirage 3+ (Memory 256MB share)
* Display LCD: Vibrant Visual Display TFT-LCD XGA, 1280x800
* ODD: DVD SuperMulti (DVD-RAM Support)
* Wifi: B/G Protocol
* Audio Port: Built-in High Definition Audio 2 Stereo Speakers
* Camera: 1.3 MP CMOS
* USB 2.0 Port: 4 (2x USB2.0, 2x Power USB)
* LAN And Modem 56K: 10/100
* Bluetooth: Optional
* PCMCIA 2.1: Express CardBus
* Card Reader: 3-in-1 (SD,MMC,MS-Pro)
* Battery: 6-cells
* Size: 337(W) x 245.5(D)x 35.4(H) mm
* Weight: 2.4 Kg w/ Batt & ODD
* Kensington Lock: Yes
* OS: Optional (Support Microsoft® Windows XP & Vista ONLY)
* Security Devices: n/a
* Warranty: 1 Year (Service, Spare-parts, Battery)

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seminggu ini kerjaan semakin lama semakin nambah.. pusingnya ditambah lagi dengan ga adanya prasarana yang memadai. akhirnya sambil iseng melepas lelah sejenak saya sempatkan berselancar di dunia internet. saya menemukan laptop yang saya idamkan ditambah dengan harga yang relatif murah. memang sedang beruntung saya ini ditengah-tengah dollar yang mulai merangkak naik..hehehe

kalo mau tau info laptop lihat disini

Selamat mencoba dan semoga beruntung...^_^